Motivaciones, 2017

recording by Winnie Gier

This performance took place during a solo exhibition. Every morning of the exhibition I would walk in to the exhibition space and begin to mop the floor with Fabuloso, an all-purpose cleaner with a strong, lavender scent. I was doing this while 80’s and 90’s Mexican music played from a speaker. The act of mopping the entire space lasted around 6 minutes. When the performance was over, I left the mop, bucket of water, and Fabuloso bottle in the exhibition space, grabbing the playing speaker and walking away—having the music fade away. This was all done in front of present visitors of the exhibition.

This was a reclamation of space. My personal work was being presented in an exclusive space that was not all that familiar, so I wanted to make it personal. I did this by revisiting a childhood chore that involved all of the elements in this performance: nostalgic presence, sound, and scent. I ultimately recreate a part of my childhood home, turning the exhibition space into a domestic one. The shirt I was wearing reads “Chingon”, or “Badass", which was meant to be a reassuring statement for using my own body as an art form for the first time.